Cupcake Day

This year my son, Harry and I joined in with Cupcake Day to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society. We ran our event as part of our lockdown series of Bake with Harry live streams.

Thanks to so many generous donations we raise a brilliant £275.00 for this fantastic charity via our JustGiving page. We really didn’t expect to raise anything like this so we were absolutely chuffed!

We know a number of people who have been affected by this awful disorder so it was a nice chance to support the amazing work that Alzheimer’s Society are doing to make a difference to peoples lives.

We had so much fun making our vanilla & Biscoff cupcakes, we would definitely encourage you to have your own Cupcake Day! There is no set date for the event, so you run it when you want to and could make cakes to share (socially distanced of course) with your friends, family or neighbours.

There is lots more information on the Alzheimer’s Society website and you can sign up and order your fundraising pack or download as PDFs.

From Monday 1st June I will be open for business again. I have limited available in June and July, if you would like to make an enquiry please contact me.

Laura x