Fun with Buttercream

My youngest son turned 2 at the weekend and I decided it was an opportunity to try a style of cake decorating that I had wanted to try for a while!

I’ve seen some absolutely beautiful versions of this done by Lauren Wodnicki based in Conneticut, USA and I thought I’d give it a go and see what happens.

So I started with my blank canvas… a 4″ vanilla sponge with jam and a vanilla buttercream crumb coat. Plus, of course, a gorgeous selection of coloured buttercreams and about 7 different piping tips.

Then it was a case of getting stuck in… just making it up as I go along. Have a think about what stitches you might see on a tapestry but also thinking about how the piping tips behave and what might look nice. I also spent time checking that I was using all the colours and not making a block of all one colour, mixing up the colour combos to give a good overall random but not random design!

Although it took a long time to complete and quite a bit of patience, I really enjoyed my evening decorating this little cake & was really proud of the finished design.

I’d love to give this style another go so if you love it as much as I do and you have a little occasion coming up why not get in touch!

Laura x