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Can I add a personal message to my order?

Yes - there is a box available for you to enter a personal message on the basket page and this will be included within your brownie package.

Can I warm up my brownies?

Yes - they are amazing warmed up, just remove the from the packaging and pop them in the microwave on a microwavable plate for around 15 seconds. They will go all melty in the middle. A real treat especially if you add a little cream or ice-cream... enjoy!

Do you offer gluten free brownies? 

Yes - where possible there is a gluten free option for our brownies. This is possible when the chocolate bar/flavour itself is gluten free. In the product page, if gluten free is available there will be a drop down menu to select your flour: Standard or Gluten Free
Also, when baking brownies I only work on either standard flour or gluten free at any one time to avoid cross contamination.

How are the brownies packaged?

The brownies are wrapped carefully in food safe brown paper and are placed inside a postal box along with an ingredients card and your personal message (if applicable), this is sealed closed with a strong adhesive ready to post out.

Does someone need to be home for the brownies to be delivered?

No - the package will fit through the letterbox and will not need to be signed for.

Can I freeze the brownies?

Yes - brownies freeze really well and can remain in the freezer for around 1 month, that's if you can possibly wait that long to enjoy them!

How long will the brownies last for?

Brownies stay fresh for around 10 days if kept in an air tight container in a cool space or even longer, around 3 weeks, if refrigerated but I don't know anyone who can resist them for that long!

Are you on social media?

We have pages on Instagram and Facebook.

How many brownies are in the box?

There are 4 brownies in each box which are approximately 3 x 2.5 inches. They can be cut into smaller portions if sharing.

Can I cancel an order?

Each box is a handmade to order so we reserve the right not to allow cancellations. However, we can accept cancellations if you contact us within 12 hours of placing your order. Please email info@laurelcakes.co.uk within 12 hours of purchase with your cancellation request.